Teachers, Staff, and Community:

As I complete my second year as your Regional Executive Director, I am feeling deeply grateful to be a part of a caring educational community that is meaningfully engaged with each other in the best interest of all students. As this year comes to a close, I extend to you my sincere appreciation for all of the ways that you have contributed to each child’s education, supported each other, and advocated for excellence in our schools.

Public education continues to provide challenges; challenges we embrace as opportunities. Our efforts, the greatness of our region, are grounded in a belief of continued improvement. We embrace the belief that to be the best we must keep improving. To be the best for our students, to prepare each student for the future, we must keep growing and evolving ourselves. It is a process . . . thanks to each of you for being key components in this process. We are a team . . . a family . . . and our students can count on us each and every day. We are not striving for a finish line; we enjoy our journey as we continue to grow together.

As we take time in the coming weeks to reflect, refresh, and relax, we do so with confidence that the 2018-19 school year will be even better. We will learn from challenges and tweak our successes. We will grow stronger as a team and overcome any obstacles placed in our way. This is our way . . . it starts and ends with the best team of educators, administrators, support staff, and families.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy summer vacation.

With thanks and pride,

Paul Ash

Regional Executive Director


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