REVISED October 11, 2018

Effective October 4, 2018, the Tri-County Regional Center for Education Pre-Primary Program has in place a Pre-Primary Transfer Policy NO. 751.     The Policy NO. 751 is located here.
As this policy is new, the dates for application for transfer are as follows October 9-19, 2018.  In 2018-19, application dates will be as stated in the policy The transfer application form is located here.

As per parameters outlined in Policy NO. 751 for RECEIVING Schools/Programs:

Schools eligible to receive PPP Transfers are:

  • Islands Consolidated
  • Port Maitland Elementary
  • Plymouth Elementary
  • Forest Ridge Academy
  • Hillcrest Academy
  • Lockeport Elementary

Schools not eligible to receive PPP transfers are:

  • Meadowfields Elementary
  • Yarmouth Central Elementary
  • Weymouth Elementary
  • Carleton Elementary
  • Drumlin Heights

As per parameters outlined in Policy NO. 751 for SENDING Schools/Programs:

Schools eligible to send PPP transfers are:

  • Islands
  • Weymouth
  • Carleton
  • Port Maitland
  • MCS
  • YCS
  • Plymouth
  • Drumlin
  • Hillcrest
  • Lockeport

Schools not eligible to send PPP transfers are:

  • Forest Ridge Academy

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