Maple Grove Education Centre received 85 boxes of fresh and locally grown produce from Riverview Farms as a part of their Nourish Your Roots Fundraising Campaign.  Each box contains 23-24 lbs of produce equaling between 1,955 to 2,040 of fresh produce going into students homes and school community.  

The campaign functions to increase food literacy, support local farmers and provide schools with funds to support nutritional programming in the schools.  We have 12 schools participating in the fundraiser this year, as follows:

  • Carleton Consolidated
  • Clark’s Harbour Elementary
  • Digby Elementary
  • Digby Neck Consolidated
  • Forest Ridge Academy
  • Hillcrest Academy
  • Islands Consolidated
  • Lockeport Elementary
  • Lockeport Regional High 
  • Maple Grove Education Centre
  • Plymouth School
  • Weymouth Consolidated  

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