Thank you to the Coastal Financial Credit Union in Yarmouth for the very generous donation towards the Yarmouth County Schools breakfast program.  Credit Union’s CEO Rick Doucette and Board Chairman Raymond Doucette, presented the cheque to TCRCE’s Active Healthy Living Consultant Lori Munro-Sigfridson.

Giving back to the community and supporting the healthy growth and development of children and youth falls within the Education pillar that the foundation of the Credit Union is built.  These funds will provide  support for the approximately 155,000 breakfasts that will be served this year.  We know that a healthy breakfast aids in the development of healthy learners so they can reach their full potential. Thanks again to the Coastal Financial Credit Union for their kind gift that will give these students a positive start to the rest of their day.  

Lori Munro-Sigfridson, Active Healthy Living Consultant presented Credit Union CEO Rick Doucette with a Certificate of Appreciate for the donation.

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