School closures due to inclement weather is determined through consideration of a series of  factors.  The procedure which occurs every day during the winter begins at a minimum of 4:00 a. m.

TCRCE staff access electronic forecasts from a professional source, which is held on retainer for the winter months by Centers for Education and Education and Early Childhood Development. Forecasts are supplied in 3 hour increments, showing speed, wind direction, precipitation type, rate, total, temperature, cloud cover and visibility (kms).

The current conditions in each county are researched, through live camera sources, Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, transportation staff, etc.

The type of precipitation, i.e. granular, dry or wet is determined, which can fluctuate depending on temperature. As necessary, TCRCE staff travel the secondary roads for a first hand evaluation.

Snow squalls cannot be accurately forecasted as they are not an actual weather system, but a condition caused by temperature of the ocean, wind direction and moisture.

After all of the data is collected, a recommendation is made to the Regional Education Director.  The decision to cancel classes or remain open is then determined and subsequently announced through local radio stations and the TCRCE website.  All of this has to be done before 6:00 a.m., as many of our bus drivers begin work before that time.

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