Islands Consolidated School Grade 10 Student Jeff Lombard had the time of his life during a recent school trip to Ski Martock.  Jeff, along with 31 of his school mates from grades 6-12, enjoyed a day of late winter skiing and snowboarding.  For many of these students it was their first time experiencing these winter activities.  Ski Martock ensures that all individuals, regardless of ability, have the opportunity to explore their limits and enjoy physical activity with the provision of lessons, adaptive equipment and specialized instructors.  After a full day of skiing, Jeff wanted to stay at the hill and enjoy night skiing. Physical activity and sport can be an equalizer.  In this case, it allowed the ICS school community to participate and enjoy physical activity in the outdoors together.   Thank you to everyone who made this experience possible, including chaperones Mr. Titus, Ms. O’Neil, Mr. Webster, Ms. Morehouse and Ms. Cossaboom.

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