EDI is only one source of information so it is important to recognize that on its own it does not hold the answers to improving children’s development in the Tri-Counties. It does however, provide information that can be explored, considered, and discussed to guide decisions and make changes to better support children and families in the Tri-County Region.

The most recent EDI results reflect the reality that many children in the Tri-County are still not receiving the proper supports and rich early learning experiences necessary for their overall healthy growth and development.

It is evident that more work needs to continue to focus on early childhood development to ensure that children have the right start.

Does the EDI evaluate individual children?  The EDI is not a clinical or diagnostic test nor is it an assessment tool for individual children. The EDI reports at the population level which means it combines scores for groups of children. Population-based surveys are an effective method to learn about community wellness and overall developmental health.

May I see my child’s EDI scores?  No, the EDI does not identify or report on individuals, which ensures that the identity of children is protected.

Where can I learn more about the EDI?  The Offord Centre for Child Studies has information on their website at https://edi.offordcentre.com   

EDI Summary Report NS 2018

EDI TCRCE 3 Cycles of Data 2018

EDI TCRCE Family of Schools 2018

Posted by Tanya Forrest 4/8/19

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