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After School Program

The TCRCE After-School Program is offered as an option to parents when selecting care for their children in the time following afternoon dismissal and is designed for students grade Primary to Six.  The Program operates at participating schools within the Tri-County Regional Centre for Education at the invitation of the Principal and providing it is financially feasible.  

The TCRCE After-School Program provides a variety of activities for your child.  Children in the program have the opportunity for fun, recreation, and social enrichment.  The Program begins immediately upon dismissal from afternoon classes and operates until 5:30pm.  The Program encourages children to pursue their own interests, develop friendships, try new things and respect themselves and others.  Programming activities are planned by the Head Program Leader and are recreation-based and include art, reading, creative play, crafts and games.  Children spend time outdoors everyday (weather permitting) and are active indoors in play areas.  

A nutritious snack which meets the Nova Scotia’s healthy eating guidelines is served during the program.  If your child has a special diet, you are encouraged to send along a snack suitable to their dietary needs.

We strive to maintain an employee-student ratio for the After-School Programs of 1:15 or better.  The convenient location within the school removes transportation worries for parents and allows children to transition from school to childcare with ease.  The safety and security of your child will always be our top priority.

For general inquires please email:

Head Program Leaders
Patricia Doucette
Hillcrest Academy
Laura Gould
Drumlin Heights Consolidated School
Kandy Moulaison
Meadowfields Community School
Susan Surette
Port Maitland Consolidated Elementary
Susan Turner-Bain
Plymouth School
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