French Programming


We are now accepting registrations for Early French Immersion, Late French Immersion, and Intensive French programs.




Early French Immersion: Digby Elementary, Weymouth, Meadowfields, Yarmouth Elementary, Plymouth and Drumlin. 


Late French Immersion: Barrington Municipal High School and Maple Grove Education Centre.


Intensive French: Maple Grove Education Centre


If you are interested in enrolling your child, please call your school to register.

For planning purposes, please register by March 1.


Wondering what program is best for your child? Programs are outlined below and we’ve also created three videos to help you make the decision.

Intensive French:

Early French Immersion:

Late French Immersion:

 *Please note, program availability is based on yearly enrollment.

Core French
Core French is the compulsory French Second Language program for all students in grades 4 to 9 who are not enrolled in an optional French second language program, such as French Immersion or Integrated French. To maximize students’ acquisition of language skills, Core French is learned and taught using the Neurolinguistic Approach in regularly scheduled instructional periods, as per the updated Time to Learn document (April 2016).
Intensive French

Intensive French is offered at the grade 6 level. This is an alternative way of offering Core French that involves concentrated learning time spent in French for 5 months of the school year.

French Immersion

TCRCE offers Early and Late French Immersion in some of our schools. The French Immersion program is offered to those students who wish to develop a greater degree of competence in French. The immersion program is an alternative approach to learning French within a structure that provides greater intensity for learning and teaching and focuses on literacy through the various disciplines taught in French.

Early French Immersion begins in grade Primary and continues to grade 12. Students in this program receive 85-100 percent instruction in French at the P-2 level, 70-80 percent instruction in French at the grades 4-6 level, 70-75 percent instruction in French at the junior high level, and 50 percent instruction in French at the senior high level. The 50 percent of instructional time in French Immersion at the high school level represents a minimum of nine credits taught in French (excluding Core French).

Late French Immersion begins in grade 7 and continues to grade 12. In each year of junior high, students take five courses in which the language of instruction is French. This constitutes 70-75 percent of instruction in French. Courses taught in Late French Immersion from grades 7 to 9 are French Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science and Healthy Living. The content of these subjects taught in French parallels that offered in the English program. At senior high, students follow 50 percent of instructional time in French Immersion.

Regional Staff
Tracey Pothier
Coordinator of French Second Language Programs
Program Leaders
June Jeffery
French immersion Literacy Coach P-6
Shaunda Muise-Greene
French Immerison Lead Literacy Teacher
Tanya Rhyno
3-6 FSL Intervention Teacher Digby County
Vera Ryan
Core French Mentor