Hiring Early Childhood Educators

Early Childhood Educators are the educational leaders that provide the Pre-Primary Program at your local Elementary School.

We welcome applications from all persons with interest and especially wish to invite persons from communities that are historically and currently under-represented in our schools. For students from cultural or racial minorities, seeing persons who are representative of their communities helps them to be more comfortable in schools and thrive. We welcome and encourage persons from the African Nova Scotian, Mi’kmaq and other under-represented communities to apply.

For more information on the Pre-Primary Program and/or assistance with the application process, please contact our Regional Supervisor of Pre-Primary programming, Yasmin Majid at Yasmin.Majid@tcrce.ca or 902-740-1841 or Joe Bishara, Regional Equity Consultant at joe.bishara@tcrce.ca or 902-774-2276.