Library Services

The role of the TCRCE school libraries is to make available to students and staff a collection of quality learning resources that will enhance teaching and learning, as well as enrich and support programs and services. The library will provide students and staff with educational materials on all levels of difficulty and in a variety of formats, with diversity of appeal, allowing for the presentation of many different points of view.

The school library is the integral part of the operational and instructional program of the school, which also promotes a safe, nurturing environment to encourage and support students in becoming independent learners and to seek ideas for their educational and recreational needs. The goal is to help students have an appreciation of literature enabling students to become lifelong learners.

Regional Staff


Library Staff

Melanie Challoner-Muise
Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School
Angela Christie
Forest Ridge Academy
Deborah Fraser
Shelburne Regional High School
Judy Hitchens
Barrington Municipal High School
Louise Johnson
Maple Grove Educational Centre
Nicole Leadley
Drumlin Heights Consolidated School
Jillian MacAulay
Hillcrest Academy
Margo Morrison
St. Mary’s Bay Academy
Pam Sandford
Yarmouth Central Elementary
Amy Scott
Lockeport Schools
Sarah Theriault
Digby Schools
Angela Titus
Meadowfields Community School