International Student Program

The Nova Scotia International Student Program (NSISP) was created in 1997 as an avenue to bring the world to Nova Scotia.  Each year the NSISP welcomes over a thousand  students between the ages of 11 and 18 from all points of the globe.

With over 1000 full-time students, the NSISP is one of the largest international student programs in Canada. We host students from more than 25 countries.  Our primary emphasis is the  5-10 month academic program however, as our popularity grew so did the options to study in Nova Scotia.  

Presently we also offer:

  • Short Term Programs
  • Teacher Internship Programs
  • Second Language Summer Camp

Visiting students live with a host family, attend classes with Nova Scotian students and participate in extracurricular and community activities.  Our full English immersion environment enables international students to develop their language skills while developing academic skills and creating lasting friendships.

The Homestay Family is at the Heart of the NSISP so our international students are immersed in English as well as Canadian culture.  Most importantly, our hosts learn about the world as they watch their family grow.

Regional Staff
Derek Lesser
Coordinator of Community Learning and International Services
Gail Long
Administrative Assistant to Community Learning & International Services
Shelley Mahen
NSISP Program Manager/EAL Teacher

Host Families Needed

Want a life changing experience? We need families to host from 4 weeks to 10 months in all of our high schools.
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