Race Relations, Cross Cultural Understanding, and Human Rights


The Race Relations, Cross Cultural Understanding and Human Rights (RCH) Coordinator supports the statement of principles of Tri-County Regional Centre for Education (TCRCE). The TCRCE recognizes its responsibility to provide equity of access and opportunity for all students and staff to learn, work and develop in an environment that is affirming, respectful and inclusive. We have obligations under the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act, the Canadian Human Rights Act, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. The Board opposes any form of harassment/discrimination by any member of its education community, or anyone associated with the board in any capacity.


The Tri-County Regional Centre for Education recognizes the demands and reality of living in a diverse and pluralistic society. The Board recognizes the importance of ensuring students of all origins and social contexts have the opportunity to experience schooling that is based on the belief in the inherent dignity and fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual, that promotes understanding and harmony between the members of the school community, that encourages social responsibility and that challenges prejudice and discrimination, whether based on fact or perception of: race, appearance, age, belief system, values, ability/disability, illness, family status/structures, sex, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic, national or aboriginal origin, culture, language(s) spoken, and socio-economic status, or any other prohibited grounds as included in the Canadian Human Rights Act 2002 and/or the NS Human Rights Act 1991.


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Joe Bishara RCT, CCC

Coordinator of RCH


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