School Closures, Shelburne County

All Shelburne County schools will be closed on Monday, June 5th and Tuesday, June 6th. Families and staff can expect further information on Tuesday regarding the remainder of the week


PLEASE NOTE: This is for NEW registrations ONLY! If your child is already in Pre-Primary you DO NOT need to complete this form. All existing students will automatically be advanced to their next grade level over the summer.


In an effort to make registration for our schools easier for parents and guardians, we are now accepting registrations online. 

Registrations are now being accepted for Pre-Primary, along with new Primary to Grade 12 students (if your child already attends pre-primary and will be going into primary, you do not need to register).  In order to be eligible to attend Pre-Primary, your child must be 4-years-old on or before December 31 in the year they start Pre-Primary. Those turning five (on or before December 31 of the year they enroll) and have never been to Pre-Primary are also eligible to register for pre-primary. Families need to live in the catchment area of the school for which they are registering.

We would also encourage you to watch this short 3 minute video on the importance of Self-Identification prior to registration. 

Should you not be able to use our online registration feature, please contact the school with which you wish to register and they can assist you with a paper form.