School Gyms to Reopen for Community Use

The province of Nova Scotia has announced the gradual reopening of school gyms to community groups for physical activity and sports.

This reopening will be gradual, as gym rentals will differ from school to school and will depend on the availability of cleaning staff. As well, first priority will be given to school based sporting events.

No spectators are permitted for any sporting events held in our schools. Following Nova Scotia’s Back to School Plan, only essential adults will be permitted in schools during community use. This includes players/participants, officials, coaches, instructors or anyone else who is required to be on or near the field of play.

The following schools are ready to take bookings. Please contact the school directly for availability.

Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High

Barrington Municipal High

Shelburne Regional High

Digby Regional High

Saint Mary’s Bay Academy

Digby Elementary School

Meadowfields Community School

Maple Grove Education Centre

Drumlin Heights Consolidated School

Yarmouth Elementary School