TCRCE Regional Executive Director Announced

Jared Purdy has been named the Regional Executive Director of Education for the Tri-County Regional Centre for Education (TCRCE).

School Advisory Councils in Tri-County were involved in the selection process by submitting their recommendations about the attributes, qualities, and priorities they felt should be considered for their next senior leader. They shared that they felt a leader should demonstrate a connectedness to the community, understand the complexities, diversity and social dynamics of the communities, be a strong presence, have a deep understanding of assessment and instruction, and be solution-focussed.

Jared has grown up in Yarmouth and lives there now with his wife, Ashley, and two young daughters. He has worked in a variety of classrooms, in both English and French, and has experience in a number of leadership roles in Nova Scotia’s public education system for more than 15 years. Jared served at the Provincial level, as Chair of the Nova Scotia Principals’ Forum. Prior to serving in the Acting role of RED, Jared also served as the Director of Programs and Services where he led collaborative improvement teams who put in place the practices to help raise the bar and begin closing the gap for learners. He has been visible in the schools and continues to work with school communities on the implementation of the provincial Inclusive Education policy.

Upon learning of his appointment, Jared shared, “I’m extremely honoured and humbled to be named as the Regional Executive Director for the TCRCE. Our focus as a system remains on well-being, equity and student achievement, and I’m proud to be a part of the team that will lead this work. In our region, we know that every child can learn and that every school can improve, and, as the RED, I look forward to continuing to build positive relationships with students, community and staff.”

Cathy Montreuil, Deputy Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, made this announcement on June 21, 2022.