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 Resource Name Website Signed on Signed by Notes
Book Creatorbookcreator.com11/10/2020Chris Boulter

Free 60-day trial of premium account when signing up with GNSPES e-mail

DocHubgoogle.com04/09/2020Chris Boulter

Online PDF editor, able to integrate with Google Drive and Google Classroom.

Lego Mindstormsgoogle.com01/20/2020Chris Boulter

App for programming LEGO Mindstorms EV3 logic bricks.

TextHelp Read Write for Googlegoogle.com04/26/2019Chris Boulter

Literacy toolbar used to make digital resources more accessible to students. Students require a license, license referrals may be made through School Program Planning teams, and forwarded to your Student Services Consultant. Free sign up for teachers:

TextHelp PDF Readergoogle.com09/18/2017Paul Ash

PDF reader extension compatible with Read Write for Google

CodeHScodehs.com03/26/2021Chris Boulter

An advanced coding learning platform targeted at High School Students.

CoSpaces Educospaces.io10/20/2020Dr. Chris Boulter
EdPuzzleedpuzzle.com03/26/2021Chris Boulter

Edpuzzle allows teachers to use video in a structured way. It allows for pausing and embedded questions as well as analysis of which students have watched the video and how much they have watched. It also provides access to a library of already created videos.

Everfieverfi.com11/24/2020Chris Boulter

Engaging digital lessons for use with students.

Google for Educationgnspes.ca10/26/2019Chris Boulter

Covers the Core Services of Google for Education as used through the provincial GNSPES instance.

Easy Accentsgoogle.com04/23/2018Paul Ash

Add-on to easily allow you to add accents for multiple languages from the sidebar in a Google Doc.

Flip Gridflipgrid.com10/23/2019Chris Boulter

Asynchronous classroom discussions using videos that students record of themselves.

Je Lis, Je Lisrkpublishing.com05/06/2021Chris Boulter

Online platform for students to practice reading in French.

MyBlueprintmyblueprint.ca03/11/2019Trevor Cunningham

Provincial electronic portfolio service, login with GNSPES directly from the GNSPES launch page.

Nearpodnearpod.com11/24/2020Chris Boulter

A tool for creating engaging and interactive presentations.

Microsoft Office 365o365.com05/25/2020Chris Boulter

Access to various online applications as part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite. Only using TCRCE instance. Agreement with Microsoft has data remaining in Canada in order to comply with PIIDPA.

ScreenCloudscreen.cloud01/15/2019Paul Ash

Cloud-based digital signage for schools.

Signaturelysignaturely.com03/26/2021Chris Boulter

Service for collecting digital signatures, requires account access.

Signaturelysignaturely.com03/09/2021Chris Boulter

Digital signature collection system.

Sorasoraapp.com01/19/2021Chris Boulter

eBook library management service.

Adobe Sparkadobe.com03/26/2021Chris Boulter

An online tool used to design social graphics, infographics, and video stories.

SeeSawseesaw.me04/05/2020Chris Boulter

Online digital portfolio, allowing students to contribute and respond to assignments in a variety of formats including video and audio recordings, written notes, drawings, and pictures. Tends to be used primarily in lower elementary.

ESRI - AcrGIS Onlinearcgis.com10/12/2020Paul Ash

Online mapping and spacial analysis tool, accessible via GNSPES account via GNSPES Launch page.

AutoDesk Suiteautodesk.ca09/20/2018Paul Ash

Digital 3D design and sculpting software with cloud-based licenses, requiring individual accounts to access.

BrainPOP and BrainPop Jr.brainpop.com03/26/2021Chris Boulter

A website with learning games, activities, and movies to support learning and teaching across the curriculum.

Canva for Educationcanva.com03/26/2021Chris Boulter

Specifically for Canva for Education, not normal Canva. Requires teacher to sign up with proof of status as a teacher prior to setting up students. A design and creation tool that can be used to make posters, presentations, infographics, etc.

Edutypingedutyping.com04/26/2019Chris Boulter

Online typing tutor and LMS. Licenses required.

Epic! Booksgetepic.com04/26/2019Chris Boulter

Online digital books for students, free accoutns for teacher through June 2021.

Motejustmote.me03/26/2021Chris Boulter

An add-on for various Google products allowing for teachers to easily provide voice note comments and feedback.

Dash's Neighborhoodmakewonder.com03/26/2021Chris Boulter

An emulator to allow students to simulate coding the Dash robots without needing to share devices.

PearDeckpeardeck.com11/19/2019Chris Boulter

Add-on for Google Slides to create interactive presentations. Free accounts available, many features are locked behind a pay wall.

Sketchupsketchup.com10/12/2019Chris Boulter

Online 3D design software.

Squiggle Parksquigglepark.com04/26/2019Chris Boulter

Online reading activities for students, license required, available through the book bureau.

TextHelp Equatiotexthelp.com03/03/2020Chris Boulter

Math writing software/extension, requires a license. License referrals may be made through School Program Planning teams and forwarded to your Student Services Consultant. Free sign up for teachers:

Thinglinkthinglink.com03/26/2021Chris Boulter

Students under 13 require parental consent. A web based platform to annotate and add interactive elements to images.

WeVideowevideo.com10/30/2019Chris Boulter

Online video editing tool, requires a license.

 Resource Name Website Signed on Signed by Notes

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