Inaccessible Roads

Due to rapid deterioration of Gravel Roads, School Buses will not travel on the following roads on Mon Mar 4, 2024; YARMOUTH- Rte 242 Cedar Lake rd /meet Corner Beaver river/Cedar Lake 7:50 am Rte 244- North Ohio, pickup end of Pavement- 7:02 Rte 237 -North ohio Rd/ pick up Jr/Sr 8:25 RTe 244- Lake George Rd, Cedar Lake, Lake Annis Rd, Crosby Rd & Norwood Rd –Pickup point Lake George Firehall at 07:50. Rte -242- Wood stock Rd, pickup Lake George rd end, 8:00 am Rte  (228) Durkee Rd – pickup point Pleasant Valley Church 7:30 & 8:10 am expect delays on this route Rte (214 ) Cleveland Rd – Pickup Chebogue end 7:25 am Rte  (216) Small Gaines Rd –Greenville end-7:12 elementary run/ 8:25 Jr/Sr (216)  Small Gaines Rd- Mill rd end- 7:10 elementary/ 8:40 Jr/SR Rte  (236) Rodney Rd – pickup Hwy 1 /7:26 Rte (237) Rose Rd – p/up point 69 Meadowbrook Drive, 8:30 am Rte 221- Perry rd P/up point-8:00 Am RTe 221- Kelly Rd- P/Up 7:50 SHELBURNE- Rte (415) Upper Clyde Rd, Dirt Portion end of paved road as previously arranged. 7:13/ Jr/SR 8:35 Rte  (509) East Sable river Rd – Sable river Irving- 7:50 Rte  (401 & 417) Clinton Rd –Clinton Rd and Hwy 103- Elementary- 7:45  Jr/Sr 8:25 Rte (401 & 409) Roseway Beach Road – Pick up Shore rd elementary 7:50 – Sj/SR 7:51. Rte  419 &409  Hartz point rd  Elementary -7:35  Jr /SR 8:30 DIGBY- Rte 701 (John Muise) Can only go as far as 1247 Hilltown Road this morning, Next stop after that is 295 Hilltown Cross Road. Rte (715) Bonnenfant Rd – Collection point end of road 8:30 Am Rte 921 Ridge rd  between N Range/ French -Pick up North Range end 7:11 am Rte 913 Ridge rd  between N Range/ French -Pick up North Range end 8:25 am


Nova Scotia families can access free, universal play-based pre-primary education for four-year-olds. This is an investment in our youngest Nova Scotians that will help them transition more easily into their school years, and identify those who will need additional supports once they begin school a little earlier.

Children who will be turning 4 years old on or before December 31 in the year they start pre-primary.

Do you have questions about the Pre-primary Program? Click here to check-out the NS Government Pre-primary Info and Pre-primary Fact Sheet.

Here is a snapshot of what we have been doing in Pre-primary this year.

To help with the registration process, please click the Pre-primary Registration Form Guide here.

Pre-Primary Questions/Concerns

Please submit any pre-primary concerns or questions through this form.
Our Schools
Regional Staff
Samantha Atwood
Administrative Assistant to Pre-primary & International Services
Nicole Clements
Pre-primary Program Supervisor
Sarah Cook
Pre-Primary Program Lead
DeAnna Theriault
Pre-Primary Program Lead